Hints and Tips

Kathy Runyen offers these tips to keep mice out of your RV.


..."I've just read something about keeping mice out of your Motorhome. There was a suggestion to cut bars of Irish Spring soap in half and place them in the outside and inside cabinets. Another tip suggests to soak cotton balls with Peppermint Oil and place them in the cabinets"...


Roy Prince says....We recently had our clouded windows on our Motorhome repaired by Nathan Evans while on vacation in Oregon. This vendor mostly works at home but he does occasional travel such as going to the annual Quartzsite Meet


West Coast RV Glass Repair
Nathan Evans
Web:   www.westcoastrvglassrepair.com

Roy Prince says.... I have been given the plans for a simple shore power tester. Click on the PDF file below to download the complete information on this self constructed Power Tester

Pedestal Tester
A home made device to check for correct power availability at all RV Parks
PDF File [8.0 MB]

RV Parking on Henderson Streets


Cliff Runyen received this information from the Henderson Police Department involving parking of RV's on Henderson streets that is always applicable

1) Vehicles weighing under 8,000 pounds* can park on the Henderson street (like ours) for 72 hours, then need to be moved (Removed completely not just moved 2 feet).


2) Vehicles weighing over 8,000* pounds can park on the Henderson street (like ours) for 48 hours, then need to be moved (Removed completely not just moved 2 feet).


* This is the combined weight for Fifth Wheels and Travel Trailer plus the tow vehicle

John Strasner has researched Nevada Drivers License requirements for operating an RV. Click on the file for the official Nevada DMV regulation
Adobe Acrobat document [1.1 MB]

John Strasner has received additional information from member Roger Bridgen of new licensing requirements for those vehicles weighing more than 26,000 lbs Combined weight. Click HERE to go the the Nevada DMV page covering this new "Non Commercial - Endorsement J" requirement.

2000 other uses for WD-40
Adobe Acrobat document [785.3 KB]
This is a list of Senior Discounts of all type submitted by George Ormsby
The age of this list is unknown and some of these may change from time to time
Adobe Acrobat document [51.3 KB]

Glass Replacement in your RV


Tom Smith says..."Safelite Glass can replace any flat glass in your RV. The replacement glass is tempered to meet vehicle manufacturing codes. I found their replacement cost is about 1/3 the price of a new factory window."

Interstate 6 volt Deep Cycle Batteries


Tom Smith says..."Interstate Brand of 6 Volt Deep Cycle Batteries are sold by Costco at a significant reduction in pricing over retail ."